Well there’s quite an exciting wine week in motion. So much so that my fingers’ move and type what is and about to happen. Keen readers of this space are well aware how rare this all is. Hopefully not. Back to the juice. Over the past few month I had the pleasure to participate in a very exciting project – the making of two tailor-made wines for Ran Shmueli.

But worry not, nothing in me turned winemaker I will as always leave this to the pros. Two of our (Shmueli’s & I) favourite winemakers were asked to join and help make this special one happen. In the red wine corner stood Ido Lewinsohn (Lewinshon) &  Ya’akov Orya (Assif Winery) on the white one. But intros for now aside and straight to the action, on Saturday, we finally bottled the Red Shmueli by Lewinshon.

Gal Zohar - bottling Shmueli

This was an end of a long process, endless discussions and long very long phone calls, many of them. After we decided on a style, chose the right blend of grapes, tasted and picked the barrels we like the most and even blended n tiny but of 2011 into the core 2011 the time was right to move to the bottle. And what a better time than Saturday 9am for such a task. And so a small team was gathered and with Ido Lewinshon’s order (a quite a lot of coffee) we each took our positions, ready to roll.

Gal Zohar - bottling Shmueli

Turns our that bottling is after all not that exciting. Seen it once seen it all, just one of those meditative repetition that forces you to get thinking. Luckily, we used our mini breaks to try the wine & remember what a great job Ido has made. The brief was to produce a young wine that drinks dangerously well, calls for a second & third glass with reasonable alcohol levels and lots of acidity. Despite it’s infancy the wine drinks well, very. It’s soft with touch of aromatics, great red fruit structure with a mineral backbone a fine acidity and well integrated oak. The wine will now rest in bottles for 3-6 months and will then graciously enter the Catering Shmueli wine catalogue.

In a wine producing country it is almost insane not to connect between winemakers & restaurateurs as they bot want to offer the best food and wine experience to their guests. This will without a doubt be the fist project of many more to come and I promise to keep you posted with the latest developments and feedback from our very own juice of wine.

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