Talking wine tactics

First day in the office, and a rather long one.

( ok ok,  just for those of you who now wonder about the office bit, let’s quickly catch up: I’m in London for a couple of weeks setting up the wine operations for NOPI, the new restaurant from the Ottolenghi crew…disco!)

Funny how it never leaves you working in a restaurant is just like ridding a bicycle (or playing a ball…more later), I at least, felt at home straight away.

But it’s not only familiar it’s also and maybe mostly exciting. First, there’s he buzz, you can feel it in the air (a ha). This feeling that something big is about to happen, a little bit like the hours before a great game of footy. You know it’s gonna happen very shortly and that it’s gonna be big but as a fan all you can do is wait and start pinting away…

But this time, we’re the team! So instead of waiting we favoured training, just to make sure we nail this game & crush it! Yesterday’s training sessions were a great success from the wine end. Starring sommelier Honami Matsumoto & my humble self we talked tactics. What is wine, how it’s made and mainly how it should be simple, fun & accessible. They must have thought we’re a bit strange, preaching “wine for all” all day long but I hope they’ll come to it.

Training camp (or NOPI’s academy for the intellectual amongst us) is back on today and there’s a lot on our plate. I’ll do my best to convince them that the unusual wine list we came up with is going the change the wine world or is at the very least, super cool.

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