Prelude to NOPI

So me and @oshposh are making the wine list for Ottolenghi’s new restaurant; NOPI. But you know it already, you’re a keen reader, I can tell.

Lets talk a bit about making wine lits then…

Obviously, we’re super excited. And not only from the fact that we’ll get to taste so many (V good we hope) wines but also because we about to work with real friends and make something really special together.

This wine list will be all about simplicity and fun. It aims to be a great tool that will help dinners make the right wine choice for them. Despite the fact that some of the wines will be challenging, different and unusual, it will be a pleasure to choose from. A good wine lists needs facilitate the wine choice and that’s what we’re here for. To list top wines and make it look easy.

The next few posts will take you through the process of making wine lists. Some may say it’s not as easy at is seems to be, all i’ll say is that it IS as much fun as it seems it is.

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