Wine Tasting Week #1

It’s London init! And not in a sentimental mood, promise!

And we’re here on a mission, a serious one. The award wining Ottolenghi gang is now working on a new exciting project (follow it here). We feel extremely lucky to be part of it and are proud to launch the wine tasting week!

But first, we must kick off with yet another majestic food n wine mega dinner back at the Brook & Donin.

Well, one must admit no hasty decisions were involved; we had it all well planned (we’re very organized when it comes to food you see).
First stop: Steve Hatt (last minute as always, just a few minutes before closing, our apologies Mr. Hatt). A handful (or even more, much more) of those mega king prawns, the sweet scallops we can never resist and just to wrap it up, four super meaty fillets of haddock. With this precious treasure carefully under our hands, as well as some lovely bones for stock, we now needed to sort the liquid part of this meal.

Next stop: the Sampler. Simply one of the best wine shops around. Inevitable memories of the blind tasting sessions just before the Diploma exam but hey, we’ve got promises to keep. Yes we know, a very rough week of wine tasting lays ahead but we can’t seriously think of wineless dining, right? After browsing through super nice and older vintages of Bordeaux (Clos du Marquis 82 in Mag?? Maybe next time), Bourgogne and the Rhone we settled for the usual budget but interesting option. Bouzeron from Domaine A et P De Villaine (finally getting to taste this! Thnx @yairHaidu)  & Bourgogne Passetoutgrain from Domaine Lejeune. So an Aligote + a blend of Gamay, Cesar & PN. Not the borring choice, lovely start!

Next stop: back to Walthamstow & straight to the kitchen. But enough said. Let the pictures tell the story that followed.

And the wines you ask. Well it was a rather disappointing start to our week of wine. De Vilaine was very clean mineral, even rocky at times with some citrus notes but simply felt a bit flat. The lightest of oak notes didn’t really integrate with the fruit and the wine felt thin and almost unbalanced. Few minutes in the glass later we sipped it happily but still felt somewhat underwhelmed.

The Passetourgrain  was light, fresh & acidic as expected and described. Some coarse tanins reminding us that we are in the lowest of Burgundy’s echelons were not unpleasant. A nice little wine with loads of red fruit & a touch of pettilance that sparkled our hearth. A poor man’s Burgundy but isn’t this just what we are at these days.

With the prelude now over, we are fully ready for a 200+ wine tasting week. Posts and picture will follow so watch this space to follow this wine lasting week.

One thought on “Wine Tasting Week #1

  1. KoB says:

    My god the scallops look amazing !!!!!

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