Some (not so) social thoughts

Let’s start with some old news shall we?

Social media is booming, hello!

Social media and wine go hand in hand, that’s why we’re all here, right?

More and more restaurants embrace social media to interact directly with their customers; interaction is what we need.

But aren’t we missing something? If restaurants love it and wine loves it then where in hell are the sommeliers? This might just be the final frontier that social media has yet to concur.

Here’s why we all want to listen to what the sommeliers have to say:

* They know what they are talking about. Not only your typical sommelier is extremely knowledgable, but he will usually own a strong character o complement. He is well aware that with great knowledge comes great responsibility and is more than willing to spread his wine-love around.

* They taste good wines! You might beg the difference, but creating a wine list is a hard job. It has to be balanced, interesting and more than anything, make profit for the establishment. How do they do that? Well, taste a lot. And why not share with the less fortunate ones their latest discoveries and great wine moments.

* They are the mix and match masters. Ever wondered what wine to pair with white truffle, or why asparagus and grape juice (of any kind!) just doesn’t work together? Almost every sommelier says easy peasy and comes up with the right region, grape variety and preferred vintage to match your chosen dish. With so many food matched to many more wines in the back of his head there’s no real reason why this SGC (sommelier generated content) shouldn’t be free for all.

But as with every boring rule there is an exception: where all the action happens, and it is impossible not to talk about the visionaries. A small but strong bunch of sommeliers who choose to say what they have to and not to care if anyone’s listening. Here’s my top 3:

FoodWineTravel – Robert Giorgione’s blog aims to “take you on an epicurean odyssey and show you the real life of a sommelier” and delivers. He’s got it all, top wine restaurants reviews, a sneak peak into professional wine tastings and much much more. You owe joining his epicurean odyssey if only to become jealous green.

Wine on the Rocks – Back in 2007 Finkus Bripp drank Vallentini’s Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 1996. This wine experience triggered the creation of the coolest video wine show around. This not so typical sommelier brings us now his not-so-typical wine show, which takes us through the best vineyards in Europe and brings a fresh take on wine in general.

Vino Da Burde – Andrea Gorri takes social media seriously. Dubbed “Il sommelier informatico” Andrea claims that “The world of international wine blogging cannot be complete without the posts of an italian sommelier”, I couldn’t agree more. His blog is packed with articles and videos where he tries to make sense of the world of Italian wine.

Know of any other social media savvy sommelier or are you one yourself? Please let us know so we can like him and get them involved with today!

One thought on “Some (not so) social thoughts

  1. Dr Zohar says:

    It is the next frontier, not the final one..nice integration of wine and foods, an all rounded approach..

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