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Tel Aviv is the capital of trends. You go to bed with a new kind of coffee shop down the road and when you wake up the city’s full of them. It’s happened before with frozen yogurts (remember?), espresso bars, and now – it’s wine bar times.

What time? Wine bar time!

I have a particular issue with these latest trend victims, I love them. For me, it’s the perfect enjoinment; to sit surrounded by beautiful bottles and huber knowledgeable staff that will pick the right one for you. The food is small yet the perfect partner in crime. Amongst my all time favorites are Terroirs London (can’t wait to try Terroir NYC) and Yoezer wine bar (still a wine bar while being the best restaurant in the world).

I can hardly say that every single establishment that carries the wine bar tittle is indeed one. Actually very few of them are, so I decided not to bother checking any of them out. Then someone blew the whistle. I heard from one of our trustiest foodie friends that Wine Bar (12 points for creative name choice) is the one to check. Oded Ziv who owns and manages it is both a proper wine-man (former head of training at Golan Heights winery) and a trained chef, therefore we’re in good hands. One of the best bits is that while sitting on the bar the food is prepared just in front of you (a slight deja vu from the immortal Cal Pep), it’s always nice to see food shaping up.

Sweetbread action

The wine list is a good blend between the local juice and a hand picked selection from the outside world. As I’m still filling my local arsenal wine a quick chat with Oded and Pelter Sauvignon Blanc 09 jumped into our glasses. With 30 degrees outside this kind of wine is the ultimate heat breaker. It’s crisp, packed with zesty citrus fruit and just the right touch of green notes. Light aromatics combined with good minerality and a palate that is sharp and clean. Simple and straightforward yet in perfect balance. Can you believe that local consumption still strands of 75% reds!?

Lamb ravioli

As nothing goes without food in the city that never stops (and we’re always hungry!) we had to sample some of Wine Bar’s tempting menu. I loved the delicate ravioli of lamb, simply dressed with olive oil, parsley and garlic. Light enough not to overwhelm the delicate aromas of the Sauvignon. But best off all (if not top wine match) were the lamb sweetbreads with oregano and Kalamata olives served on bruschetta.

Always trusting my foodie friends (even if it’s only so you can tell them off) proved me right again. Wine bar is a cool joint to spend a casual night. A bigger wine list could add a bit of fun and turn the gastro into wine.

4 thoughts on “Trending topics

  1. Rachel says:

    You know Gal if you are trying to tempt us all to come and visit you are doing a good so far 😉

  2. zoharwine says:

    Shamelessly trying to bring you gang over. Time will prove me right i bet!

  3. Kerala Girls says:

    i would like to think that the best restaurants would serve very delicious and healthy foods `-~

  4. wine bars are great. my father installed a wine bar in my home and my wife also loved it “”,

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