First meal in TLV

Relocating is a new word in my lexicon. Four years ago on the plane over to the big sun to the big smoke we where moving to London. Times have changed and we are not moving back but relocating. At least we learned something over these past few years.

But my London times are here to stay. As I plan on a healthy number of visits per year I thought that rather than writing a sentimental post about the past I should skip right to the present and let you all know that despite our very best efforts, our gluttonous lifestyle is also, here to stay.

First meal in Tel Aviv should be a healthy one. It had to be all about the one thing we missed the most. The fresh fruit and vegs from our beloved Carmel market. Nothing feels like home more than stepping into this market; it smells, it’s overcrowded and the merchant’s shouts are music to our ears. Our first courses were therefore guided by the local produce. And so with the Grumpy Gobbler’s magical skills a salad of feta, green & white beans, grilled asparagus, a root salad and the inevitable tahini were just some amongst our healthy starters.
Root Salad
Feta & bean Salad

Les Asperges

But as we hardly believe that vegetarism is of any virtue, a trip to Abu Hilue in Jaffa was of the essence. Now getting good quality meat in Tel Aviv is a bit tricky but these guys never fail. 2 Kg of veal chops were on board and the healthy meal suddenly turned into a feast. A quick marinade, an hour in the oven and there we had it: loads of juicy, full of flavours and supper good looking chops. vegs anyone?


As a big advocate of the local food dates best local wine I did my very best to find a good a reasonably price zionist wine. But as we are still in a state of shock and chaos I happily settled for a local meets Burgundy & Rhone kind of night.

Aligote 2007, La Chablisienne – The vines are grown on chalky clay soils and are an average of 30 years old. Love 2007 withe Burg and this one is another one to the list. Very clean, fresh, full of citrus fruit. No oak at all was used but this still has enough complexity to balance the fresh acidity.

Cotes du Rhone “Saint-Esprit” 2007, Delas – First thought this might be a bit light but it proved me wrong. A good blend of juicy red fruit, a good touch of freshness and crunchiness balanced by a touch of spice and elegant and soft tannins.

A night with fantastic food (thank you again Grumpy G), good wines and great company was the perfect start of our Tel Aviv adventure. We are now convinced that the best is still to come.

9 thoughts on “First meal in TLV

  1. Gal says:

    great post!

    u really need some israeli wine recommendations eh?

    let’s do it ASAP.

    • zoharwine says:

      it’s always good to get to know good wines. I’m a liberal Israeli or not, all good wines are my friends!

  2. detaps says:

    looks good!! enjoy the sun and Tel Aviv!
    I can’t wait to go back on the French markets and buy local veg. hold on… I just need to go in my parents’back garden! 🙂

    • zoharwine says:

      Hi de Tapol,

      How’s the London summer treating you?
      When will you start growing your own things back in Alsace?
      A vineyard perhaps?

  3. Aeyal Gross says:

    What’s a “zionist wine”? I have heard of Israeli wines but not of Zionist ones, to date:)

  4. Do Bianchi says:

    Chablisienne is one of my favorite wineries. I’ve never tasted the Aligoté (nor have I ever seen it in the U.S.). Is it easy to find in Tel Aviv?

    Man, I remember those veggie meals from when my father lived in Netanya… 🙂

    • zoharwine says:

      Yep it is. Quite rare to see such good wines widely spread down here…enough said.

      Veggie meals??

      Now we’re seriously offended.

      Let me know if you plan on making it to the city that never sleeps, one of these days…

  5. Do Bianchi says:

    food in Tel Aviv is awesome… would love to get back there someday soon…

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