Strange and unusual morning wine

My absence from this space is simply unacceptable. I know, and I should, as I endlessly preach to every innocent listener, that continuity is the golden rule to successful blogging.  Well as appose to wine, success never made a big impact on me. But enough with apologies and let’s talk about me.

I’m a wine geek. I know it’s pathetic and almost sad but it’s stronger than me. I know this might be boring but discovering new wines really does it for me. That is why I felt that a comeback is needed, I just had so much to share. Last week I had the pleasure and luck to taste alongside Julia Harding (MW!!) a proud bunch of wines made from uncommon varieties. As a long term fan of the indigenous and unusual this seemed like my perfect Sunday afternoon plan. Julia and I slowly made our way through the obscure and unknown.

Contrary to the norm we kicked off from the red side. Interesting technique that I now start to favour. First in the line of fire was the Cos Frappato 2008. For those of you who follow this space (hi mom and dad!) you surely must know that last summer I somehow managed to drag Mrs. Z to harvest in Sicily disguised as our honeymoon. Well COS was the crime scene. Two precious weeks were spent there and although we both promised not to drink it again I now felt that it’s time to face this old friend. Good choice! The wine showed purity and elegance of fruit lifted by a straight mineral acidity backbone. Pinot Noir-ish in style with an exotic ray of spices. Young, live and kicking.

Lucien Aviet & Fils, Réserve du Caveau, Cuvée des Géologues 2006 Arbois 100% Trousseau. This was clearly my Sunday morning Fav. Unusual nose of dried fruits,  spice and a hyper elegant savoury note. Palate was silky and smooth with a fine complexity. Burgundy in quality with a savage character. More than anything tastes different and a provides a chance to meditate upon the varietal character.

Dom du Cros, Cuvée Vieilles Vignes 2006 Marcillac 100% Mansois . A simpler and humbler style. Good sharp acidity, loads of red primary fruit with a hint of herbaciousness. Good winemaking that allows the varietal character to show. Not a huge fellow but an easy going funny companion.

Dom Daniel Dugois, Reflet de Rois 2005 another terrific and quirky wine made from 100% Savagnin, aged 3 years under flor. Like a dry sherry but in a wine. Cracking acidity and bowl of nuts action. Super sharp and thight palate with a salty finish. Touch of olive juice (you know the one from the can) and JH even found roast chicken smells from this small little beauty. Happy days!

D & P Belluard, Les Alpes 2008 Vin de Savoie 100% Gringet. Super sharp Alpine wine with no Malo nor oak. Well all we were left with was a palate shocker. Just as if someone squeezed a lemon right into your mouth. Anything else? Well a bit of honey and a touch of smoke but basically a real “look at me i’m different” call from Mr. Le Gringet.

I thoroughly enjoy tasting with Julia. Chatting our way through the wines we spent around 3 hours tasting 12 wines. There’s nothing like a relaxed tasting with no rush in the comfort of your (well Julia’s this time) home.  Being already late I rushed to the pub only to watch my beloved gunner trashed by the old blues again. Next time I will stick to wine!

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2 thoughts on “Strange and unusual morning wine

  1. winesleuth says:

    What I want to know is where did you get these wines? And what would you recommend them with? I find these little known varietals interesting to drink but don’t know if any would be my “go-to” wine other then if I was trying to impress another wine geek! 🙂

  2. zoharwine says:

    Hi Denise and tx for taking the time.
    The wine were sent to Julia as part of a book on grape varieties the Jancis gang works on.
    I love the unusual and the story behind it. My experience tells me that when the varietal character is expressed the wine can charm any wine lover.
    It’s only when the winemaker tries to over do it that the wines enters geeky land.
    Speaking of which how was the Swiss army?

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