One of the most important sides of wine making, I came to understand from my week of harvest at COS , was one that I rarely used in my daily Sommelier job-is time.

Countless times I’ve heard and read the fact that the wine is made in the vineyards. My last few days here proved this point to me clearly. This all requires patience and time. The vines, in order to produce good quality fruit have to be looked after in every stage of their growing cycle. The harvest is then long and carefull in order to preserve the fruits of time.

Then, in the winery straight after the grapes have been selected and then crushed, the wine starts to take shape. And I have seen this happen right in front of me with the new Phitos 09. This juicy and floral must goes straight in amphoras. Then, other than a daily pistonage the wine is left to  rest and to begin his life at his own pace.  One of my morning tasks was this time consuming pistonage shown below.

The wine changes right in front of me then. fermentation starts naturally and the Pistonage requires more different physical strength every day. The must develops complexity within a single day and will add more of it throughout the week. The texture. smell and taste have metamorphosized.

Only time can change a wine naturally. It has no other substitute. Time might just be the most important ingredient on the list in order to fully benefit from the fruit that was made in the vineyard.

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