First steps in Catania

So I somehow, I really dont know how, managed to convince my lovely and beloved wife that spending a few days picking grapes in Catania is just the perfect honeymoon.

So here we are in Sicily or to be more accurate very close to the small town of Acate south east of the highland in the province of Ragusa.

sunset on our first harvest day

Last few days have been rainy here which is highly unusual. The usual will be long sunny days but the rain postponed the harvest and made all look worry. We arrived just in time and as oppose to real Londoners brought some ray of light with us.

The first day was as though as we could Imagine. We started picking at 7am and didnt finish until 7pm. We worked with Nero d’Avola & Frapatto and it really seems to me that I have a certain intimacy with those varieties now.

I will try and express a Sommelier perspective of this experience and discover how it might benefit my working skill as such. my first thoughts filmed just minutes after finishing work can be seen below.

Tomorrow should be nice and sunny and I am hoping to survive yet another full day in the field.

Gal @zoharwine

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